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BoardMaps and BoardPaq

BoardMaps and BoardPaq are two web-affiliated applications that are used to keep an eye on plank events, gather and discuss facts and record important documents. These kinds of applications happen to be user-friendly and provide a protect, mobile entry to board files. Moreover, they might be used in current, that enables teamwork to take place effortlessly.

If you are planning to set up a new panel or conserve the existing one, BoardMaps and BoardPaq are great tools to help you. They allow you to make agendas, assign responsibilities, discuss documents and papers, e-sign documents, send understands, and more.

The BoardMaps application provides a convenient software for equally users and managers. It features a great e-signature feature that allows users to indication documents firmly over the internet. And in addition it offers automatic notifications meant for paid customers. Meanwhile, the BoardPaq application helps you receive instant notices for the purpose of changes in your board’s program and actions.

With the BoardPaq iphone app, you can publish and take care of paperwork instantly. You can easily distribute and discuss reports with your colleagues, partners and affiliates. Concurrently, you can boost others’ consciousness about important changes. Additionally , you can the path the improvement of the paperwork plus the status of your assignments.

Other than these advantages, the BoardPaq end-user app presents easy, single-touch options for users. You may create daily activities, vote about opinions, and perhaps manage consultations. As a result, you may boost diamond and boost teamwork. Both programs are available via iOS equipment and personal computers.

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